Why Solar Power?

Save Money and the Enviroment

A Safe Place to Put Your Money

Our solar energy systems use proven technology that has been shown to hold up over time. That's solar panels come with a 25 year warranty! Proven quality of all the products and materials we use, combined with professional engineering and experienced and skilled solar installation teams are why GeckoLogic offers such a strong warranty compared to competing companies. That is why GeckoLogic is "Your Partner for Your Solar Lifetime", we are the company that stands behind our quality and plans to be around to support you and your system for years to come.

Take Advantage of Solar Rebates and Tax Credit While They are Available

Right now people can get back over 40% of the total cost of installing solar panels. However, the solar rebates from the state are quickly declining, and very likely will not be renewed. Reserve your rebate today, and you will have one year to install your solar system!

Go Green in a Big Way

Putting a solar system on your roof will offset tons of C02 annually that would have produced at power plant to power your home or business. There are many things that we can all do to make our planet a greener place, but going solar is certainly one of the most effective methods to reduce your carbon footprint.

Top Five Reasons Solar was the most popular home improvement ideas in 2015

  1. A 2015 national poll found that 9 out of ten American homeowners want a solar powered home. 92% said they want the government to start developing and promoting renewable energy sources. Green energy is on everyone's radar.
  2. Solar home systems protect homeowners from inflation of energy costs; so are a future-proof solution to the current energy crisis.
  3. Solar powered homes sell twice as fast as traditionally powered homes, even in a tough housing market.
  4. For every dollar you save in your annual energy costs, you can expect to see up to twenty dollars in increased market value. That means if you save $1000 a year on utilities, your home's value will get jacked up by about $20,000.
  5. Most FSBO sellers are busy remodeling kitchens and upgrading bathrooms, and don't know about the investment power of solar. Your solar powered home will stand out from the other houses in a crowded market, and offer a turnkey solution to both budget-conscious and eco-conscious buyers.

What is a Grid-tie solar or On-grid solar PV systems?

A grid tie, on grid or utility interactive solar system is a solar electricity generator that operates in synchrony with the existing utility grid, during operation the photovoltaic system injects energy directly into the utility grid making your electricity meter "spin backwards" granting its user credit on their electricity bill that can be applied against consumption made on a different day or on a different time of the day.

The benefit of this type of system is that the user has uninterrupted energy supply from the utility grid even during the night and cloudy days and the solar system complements the household energy needs during sunny days.

This is the most popular and viable solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial users nowadays as it eliminates the need of a backup such as diesel generators or batteries that have a limited lifespan and require expensive maintenance.

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